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The maintenance on eurocal 40 – Fischer


How we do the maintenance on eurocal 40 ?

An eurocal 40, also called E40 is a type of plate heat exchangers generally used in the food-processing industry

A few days before, a client in food industry has contacted our service center to do the maintenance of his plates for eurocal 40 fischer heat exchangers. It was simply a routine check. However, our client wanted a fast maintenance because in the food industry it’s always complicated to stop the heat exchangers because of its impact on his activity. So our client asked us to do the maintenance faster and in a short time. So we decided to take their plates on Friday evening and to do the maintenance during the week-end to have less impact.

We know how it could be complicated to do maintenance on some plate heat exchangers. For this reason we can propose you a share of solution and information.

We start by presenting you how we did this maintenance:

  1. The MCD® technician take the 186 plates off at the client center
  2. The delivery at our service center
  3. The gaskets of the plates are taking off thank to the azote steel vats
  4. The plates are putting 2 hours in caustic soda to remove the glue and the grease from the plate.
  5. Then 2 hours in acid to remove the limescale and bacteries
  6. After that, the plates are recovered by a liquid penetrant testing which is one side red, the other side white.
  7. To take the liquid off the plate, we use the high-pressure water
  8. Then the plates are gasketed with EPDM glued gaskets. To do this operation we usually use a two-component glue.
  9. To have a no-moved gasket, we put the plate during 3 hours at 265°F into the oven polymerization to solidify the glue.

MCD® has the same issue

At MCD we know your problem because we have the same for our own maintenance (in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland). Sometimes it’s hard to find the right gasket at the right time but thanks to our gaskets stock at our service center we could easily respond to the demand.

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