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We are convinced that the success of the company is based on the passion and commitment of each employee for his profession.

The Industry sector concerns many professions such as human resources, finance or even commerce, marketing, maintenance… MCD regularly offers varied and progressive positions. 

Do you value the customer relationship? Do you like technique? Do you want to discover a new environment? Do you want to be part of the MCD adventure? Discover our professions and our offers available on this page, we frequently offer new opportunities in our various services. Do not hesitate to apply!

The regional environment


The MCD head office is located in Guny, a small town in the north of France, located in the triangle “Soissons-Compiègne-Saint-Quentin”, in the department of Aisne and the region Hauts de France.

Attached to the community of communes “Picardie des Châteaux”, Guny offers a green setting with thousands of hiking trails to discover the region, without forgetting its proximity to cultural sites such as Coucy le Château, Compiègne. 

The nearest large town to Guny is Soissons and is 16 kilometers to the south as the crow flies. The closest station to Guny is in Chauny.

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MCD, A company in constant evolution


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Integrate MCD


It means committing to a company on a human scale (55 employees in 2021), where an unfailing team spirit reigns and everyone is strongly involved. And where everyone feels the impact of their work on the organization every day.

– Have every chance of successfully integrating: 100% of new MCD employees (on permanent or fixed-term contracts) follow a personalized integration and training course,

– Work in a company where jobs are changing (6 new positions have been created in the last 5 years), where Mobility, Diversity and Mixity are taken into account and allow you rich exchanges. Currently at MCD, 5 nationalities rub shoulders and 10 foreign languages ​​are spoken

– Be supported to develop their skills throughout their career. MCD guarantees equal treatment in access to training (on average 35 hours of training per employee), and ensures the employability of its employees;

– To evolve in an environment where importance is attached to professional equality, particularly in actions in favor of women in an industrial sector which is sometimes difficult for them to access. More than 50% of women are part of the Management Committee. Thanks in particular to an agreement signed in 2020 on professional equality. A presence increasing by 4% between 2020 and 2021.

– Benefit from a pleasant and modern work environment in line with digital and digital evolution while respecting the environment (reducing waste, selective sorting, etc.) and the health of its employees (fruit basket, double screen, exoskeleton, etc.)