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As an aftermarket world leader, we manufacture and supply the widest range of gaskets and plates on the market for almost every brand of plate heat exchanger and offer a high-quality range of products meeting your highest requirements. 

MCD has earned a reputation for excellence based on 50 years of experience on the French market. We are imbued with a maintenance culture that enables us to perfectly understand the needs of your business and provide expert advice on gaskets and plates. Today, MCD is the world leader in the production and supply of gaskets for every brand of plate heat exchanger, with an overall production capacity of over two million gaskets per year covering 1,000 references. 


Our ever-expanding range of world-famous gaskets and plates are produced using the best technologies on the market, guaranteeing you quality, performance and responsiveness.

  • 2 million gaskets manufactured each year
  • 1000 gaskets references for all makes and models
  • 40 ,000 plates sold each year
  • 200 plates references of all makes and models


In order to always ensure you more expertise, quality and safety, strict quality controls are carried out at each step of our manufacturing process to guarantee the best service and a complete traceability on the whole production process. Thus, all our activities are certified ISO 9001 – version 2015 and our manufacturing unit is certified ISO 14 001 – version 2015

In order to constantly optimize the quality of our elastomers and their duration, we are continually innovating, improving and developing our products through our technical service and the constant optimization of our manufacturing process. Finally, as we are present in more than 90 countries throughout the world, we have a world-class logistics and sales organization that guarantees you optimal proximity and responsiveness.