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Sentry - Plate heat exchanger gasket

MCD propose you the largest range of gaskets and elastomers for plate heat exchangers on the market, also for Sentry products.

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Well known Sentry

Since its inception in 1925 as the Henszey Company, Sentry Equipment has navigated the realm of power plant components and milk evaporators. Over the decades, the company has evolved, achieving significant milestones that reflect its dedication to innovation and excellence.

In 1959, responding to the dynamic needs of the industry and clients, the Henszey Company shifted its focus to supporting power generation, marking the transition to Sentry Equipment. This change ushered in a new era in the company’s history.

In 1965, Sentry Equipment achieved a revolutionary milestone by designing, manufacturing, and installing the world’s first complete sampling system for Potomac Electric at their Maryland plant. This accomplishment represented a major advancement in sampling technology.

In the face of the widespread adoption of nuclear energy in 1980, Sentry Equipment introduced the Post-Accident Sampling System (PASS) to ensure safety during manual sampling after a nuclear incident, establishing new safety standards in the industry.

In 1986, demonstrating a commitment to employee empowerment, Dick Henszey retired and transferred ownership to the employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), making Sentry Equipment a 100% employee-owned company.

In 2003, the acquisition of Bristol Equipment expanded Sentry Equipment’s capabilities in liquid, slurry, and powder sampling with the ISOLOK product line.

In 2005, the Gustafson product line, acquired from Bayer CropScience, allowed Sentry Equipment to diversify its expertise into various industries such as cement, chemical, plastic, agriculture, and food, enhancing its bulk solid sampling capabilities.

In 2007, renewing its commitment to the Oconomowoc area, Sentry Equipment built a state-of-the-art 62,000-square-foot facility focused on safety and future growth.

The acquisition in 2010 of Aquatipro Water Chemistry Services not only expanded Sentry Equipment’s system offerings but also added robust service capabilities, now known as ProShield Lifecycle Services.

In 2011, the acquisition of Waters Equipment strengthened Sentry Equipment’s complete sample system capabilities through improved design and manufacturing.

In 2017, Sentry Equipment expanded its operations by establishing its first satellite location in Houston through the acquisition of Cobra Sampling, providing additional training and services for refineries in the area.

In 2019, significant changes came to Sentry Equipment with the acquisition of Integrity Measurement and Control (IMC) to expand its corrosion monitoring line. The company also demonstrated its commitment to manufacturing excellence by investing over $1 million in new equipment.

In 2022, Sentry Equipment renewed its commitment to infrastructure by acquiring SmartSkim, a leader in oil separation, and Rebuild-it Services Group, a wastewater clarifier team. Additionally, a new satellite location was established in Salt Lake City, reinforcing Sentry Equipment’s commitment to infrastructure and growth.

Sentry Equipment’s rich history is a testament to its continuous pursuit of innovation, safety, and expansion, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Sentry Equipment, as a specialist in sampling and equipment, also offers a range of heat exchangers in its portfolio. Sentry Equipment’s heat exchangers are designed to meet the specific requirements of industrial applications, providing effective solutions for heat transfer in various processes.

These heat exchangers play a crucial role in temperature control in industrial systems, contributing to optimizing process performance. Here are some key points that characterize Sentry Equipment’s heat exchangers:

  • Robust Design: Sentry Equipment’s heat exchangers are built with a robust design to ensure maximum durability and reliability. This makes them suitable for demanding industrial environments where operational conditions can be severe.
  • Thermal Efficiency: These heat exchangers are designed to maximize heat transfer efficiency. The goal is to ensure optimal thermal exchange while minimizing energy losses, contributing to overall process efficiency improvement.
  • Adaptability: Sentry Equipment likely offers a diverse range of heat exchangers to adapt to the specific needs of different industries and applications. This may include models designed for specific fluids, varying temperatures, and diverse operating pressures.
  • Customization: As a solution-oriented provider, Sentry Equipment can also offer customized heat exchanger solutions based on specific customer needs. This may include design adjustments, specific materials, or features tailored to the application.
  • Integration with Other Systems: Sentry Equipment’s heat exchangers can be seamlessly integrated with other components and systems, providing a comprehensive and consistent solution for thermal management needs within an industrial facility.

The use of high-quality heat exchangers in industrial processes can contribute to maintaining stable temperatures, improving energy efficiency, and ensuring the smooth operation of operations. Sentry Equipment strives to provide solutions tailored to the specific thermal challenges faced by its customers in various industrial sectors. For more detailed information and specific technical specifications, it is recommended to consult the company’s official documents or contact the customer service directly.

Discover the range of Sentry equivalent gaskets for plate heat exchangers

offered by MCD. Since 1969, MCD has specialized in the manufacture of equivalent gaskets and has developed a complete range of gaskets suitable for all brands and types of plate heat exchangers. The Sentry equivalent gaskets manufactured by MCD are of the same quality and possess the same certifications as those from the original manufacturer.

MCD has technical expertise through its specialized gasket manufacturing team. By committing to providing gaskets that meet your expectations, MCD ensures quality equivalent to that of the original manufacturer for one year.

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