Using a clean plate heat exchanger in the industrial environment is essential to guarantee the performance of its equipment. In order to ensure a quality production in complete safety, it is necessary to frequently clean its plate heat exchanger(s).


Deposits on the surface of the plates (clogging) can reduce the thermal and energy performance as well as the efficiency of the exchanger. A pasteurizer which does not reach the ideal operating temperature will not be efficient and provide a quality product. In order to avoid heavy economic losses and irreversible material damage, it is recommended to have the plate heat exchanger cleaned regularly.


Entrusting your exchanger to a service center allows to check the integrity of your equipment and to recondition it if necessary by providing materials adapted to your needs. At MCD, the plates are chemically cleaned, dye-checked and checked one by one to detect microcracks and finally reconditioned to be put back in your exchanger.

In addition, in its maintenance center in Guny (02), MCD has invested in a new surface treatment line with zero rejection in order to always protect the health and safety of its employees and service personnel.

Moreover, MCD makes sure that its field engineers carry out their work in complete safety and does everything possible to guarantee the health and safety of its employees, as well as that of its customers and their on-site service providers.

Finally, MCD offers a complete range of tests to guarantee the integrity of your exchanger directly on your site or in our maintenance center.

Having your plate heat exchanger cleaned by MCD guarantees an optimal reconditioning of your equipment, minimizing your on-site maintenance downtime and controlling your budget.


An exchanger, when clean and in good condition, must reach the desired temperature and pressure according to its application. For this, it is necessary to choose suitable products and materials so as not to damage the exchanger and to ensure its efficiency. For example, a gasket, depending on its composition, will not have the same capacity in terms of temperature, chemical compatibility and mechanical properties among others.

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